"Miracle Maids provide an excellent service. Their initial quote for time to do a job is accurate, whereas other companies tended to over estimate and therefore charge extra. We are extremely pease with their friendly approach and efficient work. We whole heartedly recommend them to anyone considering lightening their work load to achieve a better work / life balance.

Mr and Mrs Francis-Shepshed

" Very happy with the work done, and a very friendly cleaner"

Mrs Walker- Shepshed



"Could not ask for a better service"

Mr Haslett- Lougborough

' I  can't fault the service I've received from Miracle Maids in the past few months. A fast, but very thorough service done by likeable people.'



'I am delighted to be able to say that I am very pleased with the service provided by The Miracle Maids' They are very friendly, cheerful and hard working. As an elderly widower, slightly disabled man I find this service invaluable. That is all on the good side, I am not aware of a bad side.'

John King, Loughborough.



'I firstly employed Miracle Maids during a 3 month period while my husband was in hospital and unable to do the cleaning jobs he was doing previously. I found that they were very good and so when my husband was then able to do housework, we decided that we would keep Miracle Maids on as they were far more efficent and thorough.

I have also recommended the cleaners to friends and they also have said that they do a grand job'

Vera Westley, Loughborough.


Nursery Clean - Woodhouse Eaves - Feedback


(Temporary clean feedback form answers from nursery manager)


Excellent Communication, always use iniative. Excellent value for money

Excellent standard of work. Please come back.


Would you recommend Miracle Maids? - YES

Would you use the service again? - YES

Oak Tree House Cleaning - Shepshed


(David Bridges of Shepshed High School

Answers from feedback questionaire)


Always kept in touch, at appropriate times.


Value For Money? Met our needs at the tariff agreed


Standard of work? Excellent, Always coping with the variety of 'messes'!


Extra Comments? No panic at our short notice request, and throughout there was calm and efficiency.



Would you recommend Miracle Maids? Definetly


Would you use the service again?




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